Aluminium Profile Section

Anondized or Sandblasted Alumiun Profile Sections

Quick Details:

Standard: ISO/ISI certified
Type: Square and Rectangle
Size: 45x45 (4 Slots), 45x90 (6 Slots), 45x135 (8 Slots)
Length: 6m
Mass (Kg/m): 4 Slots = 1.73, 6 Slots = 3.09, 8 Slots = 4.43
Brand Name: NO
Application: Building
Surface: Anodized or Sand Blasted
Packing: Standard Export Package by Bundles or Customized

Lead Time: 21 Days

Quantity as per requirement
Common Applications and Features  

Aluminium Profile Sections are extrusions commonly used for construction, architecture and industrial purposes as they are light in weight, strong and offer versatile modular uses with easy installation and a longer life than other alternatives such as plastics and steel. Aluminium profile sections can be used in different shapes as according to the needed mechanical functions, and offers high torsional stiffness and bending rates. They are also used in vehicle manufacturing as they fit perfectly with most mechanical frameworks.      

Product Features   

Our product holds an industry wide recognition and is certified by international and domestic standardisation authorities like the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the Indian Standards Institute (ISI). The aluminium profile sections are available at a length of 6 metres per piece.   Convenient options for customers-   Option to order 4 slots (45x45), 6 slots (45x90) or 8 slots (45x135)    Choose preferred surface type- anodized or sand blasted.       


The packaging of the order is done in bundles according to standard export packaging, or it can be conveniently customized according to particular needs. 

Payment Terms:

T/T (Telegraphic Transfers) only. 
50% Advance and 50% before dispatch. Pre Dispatch Inspection Available. Manufacturers and Test Certificates to be given along with the Bill.

Key Properties of Aluminium Profile Sections

  1. Lightweight: Aluminium is renowned for its low density, making profile sections remarkably lightweight compared to other materials like steel. This characteristic simplifies transportation, installation, and handling, reducing project costs.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: Aluminium naturally forms a protective oxide layer on its surface, making it highly corrosion-resistant. This property ensures the longevity of aluminium profile sections, even in harsh environments.
  3. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio: Aluminium boasts excellent strength despite its lightness, offering robust structural support while minimizing the overall weight of structures and components.
  4. Malleability: Aluminium is highly malleable and easily customized to fit various design requirements. This adaptability is a significant advantage in manufacturing and construction.
  5. Thermal Conductivity: Aluminium is an efficient conductor of heat, making profile sections ideal for applications requiring heat dissipation, such as in the electronics and automotive industries.

Applications of Aluminium Profile Sections

  1. Architectural and Construction: Aluminium profile sections are widely used in building facades, window frames, curtain walls, and interior design elements. Their sleek appearance, durability, and ease of customization make them a preferred choice for modern architecture.
  2. Transportation: In the automotive, aerospace, and railway industries, aluminium profile sections create lightweight yet strong components, including chassis frames, aircraft wings, and railcar structures.
  3. Industrial Machinery: Manufacturers use aluminium profile sections to construct sturdy frames, conveyors, and machinery components. The material's lightweight nature and adaptability streamline the production process.
  4. Electronics: The thermal conductivity of aluminium profile sections is essential in heat sinks for electronic devices, ensuring efficient heat dissipation and extending the lifespan of sensitive components.
  5. Renewable Energy: Aluminium profile sections are used in solar panel frames and wind turbine structures due to their resistance to environmental factors and lightweight properties.
  6. Retail and Display: The versatility of aluminium profile sections is showcased in creating retail displays, exhibition booths, and signage systems, where aesthetics and adaptability are crucial.

Aluminium profile sections have significantly transformed how we design, manufacture, and build in the modern world. Their remarkable combination of lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio has made them a cornerstone of innovation across various industries. As industries evolve, these aluminium profiles will remain at the forefront of material technology, shaping the future of engineering and design with their versatility and enduring qualities. Whether seen in architectural marvels, cutting-edge machinery, or sustainable energy solutions, aluminium profile sections are poised to play an integral role in building a better tomorrow.


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