Steel Sheet

Sheet metal available in flat sheet which can be cut and bent into a variety of shapes.

Quick Details

Standard: ISO/ISI certified 
Width: 900mm - 1500 mm
Length: 600mm - 4000mm
Technique: Hot Rolled & Cold Rolled
Brand Name: No
Tolerance: +-5%
Surface: Clean Finish, Powder Coating or Anodized
Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Cutting and Punching
Material: Carbon Steel

Lead Time: 30 Days 

Quantity is in (MT) Metric Ton

Common Application and Features   
Sheet metals are primary materials supporting various manufacturing functions in numerous industries like construction, shipping, automation, and aviation, as they possess a higher tensile strength as compared to other metals and show properties like easy malleability that allows for convenience and desired shapes and uses. 

Product Features

Our Carbon Steel Sheets have a superior built quality and have been certified by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and the Indian Standards Institution (ISI). The sheets possess a high tolerance of 5% that are further surface treated by clean finishing, powder coating or anodisation, this helps in making it perfectly resistant to corrosion, moisture and external damage. The sheets are processed by hot rolling or cold rolling techniques and offer a best-in-class quality with unparalleled and robust strength. The sheets are perfect for bending, welding, cutting and punching.   Convenient options for customers-   Choose the preferred dimensions (Available Width- 900mm – 1500mm, Length- 600mm – 4000mm) 

Payment Terms
T/T (Telegraphic Transfers) only. 
50% Advance and 50% before dispatch. Pre Dispatch Inspection Available. Manufacturers and Test Certificates to be given along with the Bill.

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