GI Corrugated Sheets

Prepainted GI/PPGI/PPGL color coated galvanized steel sheets

Quick Details

Standard: ISO/ISI certified
Width: 900mm - 1200mm
Length: 3m-8m
Technique: PPGL Color Sheet, Cold Rolled
Brand Name: No
Special Use; Wear Resistant Steel
Surface: Galvanized Coated
Colors: Customer Samples Color
Processing Service: Bending, Welding, Cutting and Punching
Material: Aluminium Zinc Steel Sheet

Lead Time: 21 Days

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Common Applications and Features Corrugated GI Sheets

Galvanised Iron (GI) Sheets are widely used for industrial, commercial, constructional, agricultural and domestic purposes. These steel sheets are ideal as roofing sheets, for panelling, fencing and partitioning, however the primary use remains to be as roofing sheets, as one gets a customizable and affordable roof and can add value by improving style, strength and durability of the roof.      

Product Features Corrugated GI Sheets

Our pre-painted, colour coated galvanized steel sheets are superior products and have been certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Indian Standards Institution (ISI). The Aluminium Zinc Steel sheets are cold rolled to desirable shapes, and are surface treated by Galvanization that offers a premium moisture and water-resistant steel product that blocks erosion and damage. These are ideal for use as corrugated roof sheets. The roofing sheets price have been kept affordably lower than the industry standards. The sheets are perfect for easy bending, welding, cutting and punching.   Convenient options for customers-   Choose the preferred colours   Choose the preferred size (Available Width- 900mm – 1200mm, Length- 3m – 8m)      

The packaging of the order is done in bundles according to standard export packaging, or it can be conveniently customized according to particular needs of the buyers.

Payment Terms

T/T (Telegraphic Transfers) only. 
50% Advance and 50% before dispatch. Pre Dispatch Inspection Available. Manufacturers and Test Certificates to be given along with the Bill.

Corrugated GI sheets are a popular choice in the construction industry, valued for their exceptional strength, versatility, and durability. This web page aims to provide valuable insights into corrugated GI sheets, highlighting their key features, benefits, and applications. Whether you require roofing or cladding solutions, corrugated GI sheets offer a reliable and efficient choice for your construction needs.

Key Features and Benefits of Corrugated GI Sheets

Strength and Structural Integrity: Corrugated GI sheets are engineered with galvanized iron (GI) steel, known for its high strength and load-bearing capacity. The corrugated design enhances the structural integrity of the sheets, making them capable of withstanding heavy loads, impacts, and external pressures.

Versatility and Customization: With a range of profiles, sizes, and thicknesses available, corrugated GI sheets offer versatility and customization options to suit various construction requirements. Whether you need large roofing panels or smaller cladding sheets, there is a corrugated GI sheet size to match your specific project needs.

Durability and Weather Resistance: Corrugated GI sheets are designed to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The galvanized coating provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring long-lasting performance and durability. These sheets are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture, UV radiation, and other weather-related challenges, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Cost-Effectiveness: Corrugated GI sheets offer a cost-effective solution for construction projects. Their durability, low maintenance requirements, and long lifespan contribute to reduced maintenance and replacement costs over time. The use of GI steel provides an affordable yet reliable option for achieving strong and durable structures.

Applications of Corrugated GI Sheets

Roofing: Corrugated GI sheets are widely used for roofing applications in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. The combination of strength, lightweight design, and weather resistance makes them an ideal choice for constructing durable and leak-resistant roofs. Corrugated GI roofing sheets provide reliable protection against rain, snow, wind, and other weather elements.

Cladding and Wall Panels: Corrugated GI sheets are also commonly utilized as cladding and wall panels. Their versatile design allows for creative architectural solutions, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings. Corrugated GI sheets can be easily installed to create visually appealing facades, adding both durability and an attractive finish to structures.

Agricultural Structures: Corrugated GI sheets find extensive application in agricultural structures such as barns, warehouses, and sheds. These sheets offer excellent protection against moisture, ensuring a safe and dry environment for livestock, crops, and machinery. Their durability and resistance to pests make them a reliable choice for agricultural construction projects.

Fencing and Enclosures: Corrugated GI sheets are commonly used for fencing and enclosure purposes. They provide a sturdy barrier that enhances security and privacy for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. The robust construction and corrosion resistance of these sheets make them an ideal choice for long-lasting fencing solutions.

Corrugated GI sheets offer a combination of strength, versatility, and durability for various construction needs. With their excellent load-bearing capacity, customization options, and resistance to weather and corrosion, these sheets are suitable for roofing, cladding, and other applications. Whether you need a

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