Steel Pipe

Fine Quality Branded Steel Pipe mainly used in construction, carrying liquids and low pressure gases, Plumbing, irrigation, cold storage, HVAC, Fire Fighting and idlers

Quick Details

Standard: ISO/ISI certified
Type: Square and Round
Diameter 0.5mm to 20mm.
Length: 6m
Brand Name: No
Application: Building
Surface: Black/ Glavanized/ Oiled
End: Plain, Threaded or Beveled
Packing: Standard Export Package by Bundles or Customized

Lead Time: 21 Days

Quantity is in (MT) Metric Ton
Common Applications and Features
Steel pipes are widely used in manufacturing and infrastructure industries as well underground transportation of gases and liquids. The pipes offer a high strength and light weight combination that makes them ideal for use in many industries as well such as agriculture, construction, chemicals, textiles, food processing, pesticides, etc.  

Product Features
Our fine quality steel pipes are built with premium raw steel material and have been certified by the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) and the Indian Standards Institution (ISI). These lightweight premier steel pipes offer high tensile strength, and are best suitable in construction, for carrying liquids and low-pressure gases, plumbing, irrigation, cold storage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and fire-fighting.   Convenient options for customers-   Choose the preferred type- square or circular   Choose the preferred surface- Black, Galvanized or Oiled   Choose the preferred ends- Plain, Threaded or Beveled   Choose the preferred diameter- 0.5mm – 20mm   Available length- 6 meters      

The packaging of the order is done in bundles according to standard export packaging, or it can be conveniently customized according to particular needs of the buyers.

Payment Terms
T/T (Telegraphic Transfers) only. 
50% Advance and 50% before dispatch. Pre Dispatch Inspection Available. Manufacturers and Test Certificates to be given along with the Bill.

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